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What's Wrong With Me? Using FDA-approved Scanning Technology You Can Be More Certain

When something’s wrong with your health, it lowers your quality of life, especially when you don’t know what is causing the problem. Maybe you have a diagnosis but aren’t getting better. Or you’ve seen a list of specialists and still don’t have answers. 

It’s tough to know who you can trust to tell you what’s wrong and how to heal. You don’t want to mask your symptoms. You want to feel like your old self again. If something is wrong with you but you don’t know what, we have a solution you might want to consider so you can be more certain. 

In this article, we’re going to explore the use of biofield technology to help find and treat the root cause of illness. Specifically, we’ll look at an FDA-approved frequency scanning device that we use at Boulder Body Balance Acupuncture Clinic called the Zytoscan. While the Zytoscan does not directly diagnose or treat any condition, it can help our team ask better questions and make more informed decisions while assisting you on your healthcare journey, saving you time and money while reducing stress and worry.


The Root Cause is What’s Really Wrong With You

Six in ten Americans now live with a chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or an autoimmune disorder. Maybe that’s you. Your doctor is treating your symptoms with medication, but there seems to be little hope for a full recovery. 

Or maybe you’re not sick enough to visit a doctor, but your energy, stamina, and ability to handle stress are not what they used to be. You don’t know what’s wrong with you but suspect there’s something going on. You’re sure it’s not “just aging.” 

Either way, you want answers. You’d like to know what is making you feel bad and why you’re not getting better after following your doctor’s orders. You might chalk it up to bad genes or unhealthy living, but there is a deeper, underlying reason for your illness. We call this hidden origin of disease “the root cause.” 

The root cause is the real culprit behind your symptoms. If you’re struggling with chronic migraines, your doctor might prescribe an opioid to ease the pain. But your pain is not a symptom of opioid deficiency. Your migraines are not caused by a lack of opioids in your system. Yet, there is something causing your condition. If you want to make a full recovery, you need to address the root cause. 

Root Cause Analysis to Uncover What’s Wrong

Finding the root cause of illness is not always a straightforward process. In fact, root cause analysis is a lot like escaping a maze, stopping at each corner to assess clues and address issues before deciding which direction to go next. It involves a thorough analysis of your genetics, history, exposure to environmental toxins, and lifestyle choices such as diet, exercise, and stress levels. 

As acupuncturists, we rely on the four Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostic methods to analyze the root cause:

Inspection (observation) to look for visible signs of vitality, color, and secretions

Auscultation and olfaction (listening and smelling) to observe voice, breathing, and odor

Interrogation (inquiring or questioning) to learn about family history, lifestyle, and complaints

Palpation (pulse examination) to discover pathological changes to internal organs

Admittedly, this process can take some time. Major imbalances are uncovered and restored one by one with therapeutic interventions until the root cause is finally identified. As we traverse this maze, we move one step closer to your healing. We don’t stop until your whole body once again functions harmoniously.'

Diagnostic Tools for Root Cause Analysis

It can take many years for a TCM practitioner to gain mastery of these diagnostic skills. Expertise in syndrome differentiation is required, which uses the eight principles to identify patterns of disharmony in the body. An advanced understanding of the complex cause and effect relationship between symptoms and diseases is also necessary. Hundreds of herbs, acupuncture points, and lifestyle modifications best suited to treat a resulting diagnosis must be learned about and applied in a clinical setting for real wisdom to be acquired. While the best TCM practitioners are incredibly efficient in applying these diagnostic skills, it can take a lifetime to gain the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions in life-threatening situations. 

At Boulder Body Balance, we’re confident in our expertise in TCM and bodywork, but we pride ourselves on innovation. We merge the ancient healing tradition of TCM with the best of modern technology to more efficiently diagnose and treat the root cause of your condition. Using FDA-approved technology that scans your body to take biological surveys of up to 40,000 different factors, we can be more certain about what’s wrong with you and aid your path to recovery.

What is the Biofield in Medicine?

Before we look at biofield technology, we should explain the biofield. When we talk about the biofield in medicine, we are mostly referring to the field of energy medicine. Energy medicine practitioners facilitate healing through the use of the vital life force that surrounds and permeates all living things. This metaphysical life force is called Qi in TCM and prana in the Ayurvedic tradition. Imbalances in the biofield within and around the physical body can cause illness or pain. Healing is accomplished through a practitioner’s ability to control and apply this energetic force to the recipient’s body or through the use of bio-electromagnetic device-based therapies.

While this vital force is central to many ancient healing traditions, the biological field or “biofield” is a term coined by a committee at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the early 1990s. The term serves as an inclusive definition for the force recognized in both manual types of medicine such as chiropractic and massage as well as energy therapies like reiki and qigong. The committee defined the biofield as “a massless field, not necessarily electromagnetic, that surrounds and permeates living bodies and affects the body.”

Using Biofield Devices to Uncover What’s Wrong With Your Health

Biofield devices are physical instruments created to measure or manipulate the biofield. There are currently over 280 biofield devices in use and marketed to the public. They operate through modes such as:

EMF (electromagnetic fields) -light



Electrical current









In Western medicine, the biofield is popularly recognized in the use of the electrocardiogram (ECG), which records electrical fields from the heart, and the electroencephalogram (EEG), which records electrical fields from the brain. The ECG and EEG are used in pathology to help determine the presence and cause of disease. 

Biofeedback is a popular therapy using biofield technology. A recipient’s mental and emotional state is reported by a biofield device in real-time as they are exposed to specific stimuli. This allows the individual to consciously reprogram their reaction to the stimuli, overcoming trauma and phobias. These are well-studied biofield technologies, and the way they work is thoroughly understood. 

The operation of other biofield devices is less understood such as those that affect biophoton emissions, but research continues to grow and shows promise in areas of cell growth, division, and repair. In use for over 2500 years, we like to think acupuncture needles are the original biofield device. Mechanical devices that stimulate acupuncture points are now readily available and often used in place of or together with needles.

What is the Zytoscan?

Of the many biofield devices available, we find the Zytoscan incredibly useful. The Zytoscan is an FDA-approved medical device that uses a hand cradle to scan galvanic skin response (GSR) and software to analyze data. When you get a ZYTO scan, your body automatically responds to a series of biological surveys through the ZYTO cradle. The ZYTO software creates a report based on your body’s responses that reveals important internal and external factors affecting your health. It can help pinpoint the root cause of your condition.

What is Galvanic Skin Response?

Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) measures variations in electrical conductivity of the skin through changes in sweat gland activity. Lie detector tests are a well-known use of  GSR. When your autonomic nervous system is activated through stress or fear, for example, microscopic amounts of sweat are released from your skin, which changes its electrical conductivity. The Zytoscan reads, records, and analyzes your GSR, comparing your baseline GSR to fluctuations in your GSR in response to digital signatures. 

What are ZYTO Digital Signatures?

ZYTO digital signatures are virtual items (VI) that represent physical items. Virtual items are the survey questions posed to your body. The response to the question is your change in GSR. There are over 40,000 virtual items or questions programmed into ZYTO software that represent internal and environmental stressors and balancers. Stressors are causes of imbalance in the body. Balancers are solutions that restore balance to the body. 

Some of the most common digital signature stressors the ZYTO scans for include internal biomarkers and external or environmental items such as:

Body parts like organs, bones, and muscles

Body systems such as the endocrine and immune systems

TCM meridians







Digital signature balancers include items like lifestyle changes, foods, supplements, and wellness services that bring stressors back to a healthy range, restoring balance to your body. 

How Does ZYTO Software Help Identify What’s Wrong With Me?

At the beginning of a scan, ZYTO software assesses your baseline GSR and establishes your normal response range. During the scan, it conducts one or more biosurveys, presenting digital signatures one at a time and recording the change in your GSR from your baseline. It only takes a second for the ZYTO to present your body with a digital signature through the ZYTO cradle and record your biological coherence or preference to that virtual item. 

Depending on the deviation from your baseline, the ZYTO software will analyze if your response is within or out of a healthy range. Virtual items within normal range usually signify your body is in harmony with that item. Those out of range point to potential issues that could be a source of illness. Conveniently, the ZYTO software also presents your body with digital signature balancers, producing a report that outlines which products and services may help balance specific stressors. 

What Biological Coherence Reveals About Your Body’s Needs

Biological coherence is a condition where things exist without conflict in the body. Also known as biological preference, it signifies your body’s needs in the here and now. If you’re dealing with a sudden drastic lack of energy and haven’t changed your health and wellness habits, it can leave you wondering what could be wrong. Getting a Zytoscan may reveal an unsuspected stressor far outside your normal range that could be the root cause of your energy deficiency. Perhaps the report points to your immune system.

Simultaneously, the ZYTO software will report digital signature balancers most likely to restore your immune system to a healthy range. As you probably know, there are hundreds of vitamins, supplements, herbs, foods, and lifestyle changes that can boost your immune system. For the most efficient remedy, we can look at the ZYTO software’s biological coherence ranking of a list of potential balancers. Right now, in your current biological state, your body responded with a high preference for reishi mushroom and acupressure to rid your body of dampness, so that would be the first course of treatment. 

Biological coherence is important because it reduces the guesswork in identifying and resolving root causes of illness. In fact, the Zytoscan is referred to as decision support technology. 

What’s It Like to Get a Zytoscan?

A Zytoscan can happen in as little as a few minutes. You simply place your hand on the ZYTO cradle and let the ZYTO software run the scan by sending energetic impulses through the cradle’s receptors. Your body automatically responds, so you don’t have to do or say anything. It’s uncommon for you to feel these impulses, but it is possible. The Zytoscan emits such a low level of energy that it’s safe for people of all ages. Even pregnant women, children, and infants can get a Zytoscan. 

Regular scanning will inform you of changes to your biosurveys based on therapies or lifestyle changes you’ve tried. It can also reveal patterns and changes that occur over time such as your biological preferences to certain foods during each season. If you’re living with a mystery illness or a set of seemingly unrelated symptoms, a Zytoscan may reveal hidden factors so you can be more certain about your healing journey. This provides peace of mind and a sense of moving in the right direction for many of our patients living with a chronic or undiagnosed illness.


To better serve the Boulder community, we’ve invested in the Zytoscan and the ZYTO EVOX, which uses a process known as perception reframing to help you overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back in life. These biofield technologies enhance our TCM and bodywork services at Boulder Body Balance Acupuncture Clinic. If you're wondering what's wrong with your health, our team offers diagnostic consultations and effective natural healing services, empowering you to activate the healing power you have within so you can restore balance to your body. Contact our office today at 720.509.9588 or send us an email at to schedule an appointment for a Zytoscan or ask our team of certified practitioners a healthcare question.


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