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Advance Weight Loss

Osmosis Sculpt Microcurrent / EMSzero. The new way to reverse aging and enhance the bodies ability to regain confidence.

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Why is everyone so amped up about Bodicurrent?

  • Bodicurrent™ is our particular treatment utilizing exclusive microcurrent frequencies
    explicitly sequenced for making YOUR body more beautiful.

  • Bodicurrent™ therapies are a safe successful option in contrast to more forceful clinical
    strategies, for example, liposuction, warming or freezing the fat cells.

  • Our medicines are painless, non intrusive and holistic.

  • We utilize the FDA CLEARED, OS2911 Body device.

How does this device work?

  • Bodicurrent™ utilizes Microcurrent Frequencies explicitly intended for the body

  • Our cells are specific to direct electrical flows

  • Electricity is required for the nervous system to impart signals all through the body and to the mind,
    making it workable for us to move, think, and feel

  • Bodicurrent™ utilizes low-level electrical flow that is about indistinguishable from the body's own regular


Quick facts about Bodicurrent™ treatments.

  • Bodicurrent™ utilizes microcurrent which expands ATP creation by up to 500%

  • Benefits of expanded ATP is collagen and elastin vital for young skin

  • Bodicurrent™ treatment utilizing microcurrent expands endurance, perseverance and quality and can be utilized
    for building muscle and tone of the body

  • Building muscle fortifies your digestion which is useful in keeping up and accomplishing a sound weight.

  • The beneficial outcomes of bodicurrent medicines are found in the face and body.

Before & After Treatments




How the does process work?

Booking your first session can help you and the practitioner decide what your goals are and the recommendation on which package would be the right fit for you. During this session we will take professional photos, decide your body goals, and get your questions answered.

Get your body ready for success! Since our bodies require water to move electrical current we must drink at least 4-6 glasses of water prior to appointment with the last glass of water an hour before the session begins. Remember, the more hydrated you are the more successful the result of your treatment will be.

Medical grade pads are placed on the desired areas of the body, during the microcurrent treatments you may encounter automatic muscle contractions depending on the intensity the provider uses. Don't worry this is a painless process! You may observe redness on the skin once the pads are removed. This indicates increased circulation in these areas. Circulation is important to remove toxins from the body while helping with cellulite reduction. This is why we use the pads on areas that may need the most attention. Results may fluctuate depending on the clients lifestyle, health, pre-existing conditions, age and other factors. The actual treatment last from 30-45 minutes depending on the protocol used.

Recommendations after each treatment:

  • For faster results incorporate an exercise routine.

  • Drink 32 ounces of water (4-6 glasses).

  • Drink a organic protein shake or eat something lite that contains protein.


*This device is not meant to cure or treat any illnesses or diseases.

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Magnetic Pulse Therapy


"Revolutionize your weight loss journey with our cutting-edge Magnetic Pulse Therapy! Experience the power of targeted magnetic pulses that may stimulate your body's natural processes, enhancing blood circulation and cellular activity. Our innovative approach aims to support overall well-being, potentially contributing to a more efficient metabolism. Imagine a holistic solution that not only targets weight management but also promotes stress reduction and improved sleep. Elevate your weight loss efforts with the science-backed potential of Magnetic Pulse Therapy – take the first step towards a healthier, balanced you. Consult with our experts today to explore the possibilities and embark on a transformative wellness journey!"

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