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Acupuncturists have been successfully treating insomnia symptoms for centuries and continue to provide relief. Before your practitioner begins sticking needles in you, though, he or she spends time distilling the nature of your insomnia. In Chinese medicine there are a number of types of insomnia, including:

  • Sleep onset or difficulty going to sleep

  • Middle of the night, or waking and unable to go back to sleep right away

  • Terminal or late insomnia, or waking in the very early morning and cannot return to sleep again

  • Sleep with vivid and disruptive dreaming

  • Inability to sleep, in general.

Each of these particular types of insomnia indicates a unique energy imbalance in Chinese medicine unlike any of the others.

No one type of insomnia will ever be treated in exactly the same way during acupuncture, each is related to a particular imbalance.

Insomnia symptoms are not cured with one trip to the acupuncturist. Fact is your practitioner will likely advise you to return for subsequent therapies a few times a week over the course of a period of time, depending upon the nature of your insomnia. Many patients report a calmness and relaxation they’ve not experienced in a long time while in an acupuncture session and others report an almost involuntary release of emotions.


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