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Pain Relief

Acupuncture and Pain Relief

Acupuncture is a highly effective alternative form of pain management, naturally relieving acute and chronic pain. Traditional Chinese medicine has been used in Asia for centuries, treating many conditions and relieving pain. Fortunately, it is growing in popularity in Western society, helping to manage everything from low back pain to nerve pain to menstrual cramps, headaches, fibromyalgia, and much more. While from the outside, it appears to be the practice of sticking very fine needles into the skin, when in reality, the needles are inserted into specific acupoints, relieving pain by releasing endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain-killing chemicals. The needles stimulate the part of the brain that governs serotonin, boosting one’s mood. If you’re interested in learning more about acupuncture or want to schedule an acupuncture session in Boulder, then don’t hesitate to contact us today!



Acupuncture As A Natural Pain Management Solution

Boulder Body Balance and Acupuncture works directly with you to assess your needs and your pain before creating a treatment plan that is singular to you. We address the root cause of your pain to make sure that you get the greatest amount of relief from your pain. We are happy to have even treated patients with long histories of pain that have found significant relief with our services and therapies. We approach your pain with alternative solutions, which often can lead to more significant results than conventional medicine. This is not to say that conventional approaches do not work or are not effective; they can be and are! However, you may have been told by your doctor that “this is the best they can do” or that the pain you have is something you will just have to live with. 


Our patients have responded extremely well to our treatments and therapies, and they can be highly effective, especially when used in tandem with other forms of treatment. Our natural approach centers on awakening the body’s natural healing system, and no matter how much your body hurts, the possibility for it to heal remains possible. Your body produces its own anti-inflammatory substances and painkillers — our acupuncture treatments simply simulate and anchorage your body to produce more of them. Overcoming your pain doesn’t have to be a difficult or draining process. We keep it simple and targeted, putting the power back in your hands and helping you deal with your pain in a concise way. 


About Acupuncture 

While acupuncture is growing in acceptance and popularity, there remain many questions surrounding the practice. We would like to start off by clarifying that acupuncture does not hurt. The needles used for acupuncture are extremely thin and cause little to no pain. You may only slightly feel the needles, but it varies from person to person due to overall sensitivity. What’s more, is that people often feel a positive shift after only one treatment. While the results do largely depend on the kind of pain you are feeling, many patients see great results with once-a-week visits. The full extent of your treatment plan, however, will be discussed with our practitioners! 


The results do vary from patient to patient in terms of success, but a lot of our patients have reported great success after only a few acupuncture sessions. These sessions not only help patients reduce their medication use, but allows their bodies to begin functioning at a higher level. Once again, however, it truly depends on your condition. Set up an acupuncture session at our Boulder office by contacting us today. If you would like to know more about the kinds of services we provide, take a look at our different treatment options, and begin your journey to holistic health today. 

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