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TRUcolors was founded as a small family-owned company in Boulder, Colorado, and has since grown to become one of the nation's top online suppliers of natural health care products, essential oils, and personal care. Our main focus from the beginning was our Doctor founded Clinic, we wanted to provide quality products to our patients that meet our standards and our beliefs but there was a lack of companies that provided what we wanted, so we began to develop products that met these demands of our patients and TRUcolors was born. After word of our fantastic prices, amazing quality, and excellent customer service spread.  Within weeks, we expanded our offering to a wide range of specialty ingredients and vitamin supplements and had a dominant online presence that was growing by the day.  Today, we still operate our small factory in Colorado but also have an online presence that's growth is nothing short of amazing.



  1. We source the finest quality ingredients and supplies from ethical producers around the world.

  2. We supply all of our products at market leading prices with no gimmicks.

  3. We never sacrifice quality for price.

  4. The customer is always right and customers should always be treated the way our customer service reps would like to be treated.

  5. Appreciate every customer, large and small, and do your best to service them.


From our experience, if you stick to your principles, the business will take care of itself. These beliefs have allowed us to do great things.


We now have our very own Essential Oil line of products under our corporate umbrella. TRUcolors essential Oils is a complete line of natural oils and supplements that can be found in your local health food, grocery, and craft store.


TRUcolors was founded on a vision of innovative health care products that are defined as those substances which give energy or makes the person healthy. Because of the current competitive environment, health care providers and consumers are constantly searching for better products and better means for delivering them. TRUcolors delivers these needs to our consumers, by pushing the boundaries of conventional health care products.


Johan N

Food Industry

“I just love the TRUcolors Hand Sanitizer. Its antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial, it is the best product I have used. iIt moisturizes my skin and smells amazing.”

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