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Vitamin B12 Injections (preservative-free, Methylcobalamin)

Need a boost? Come get a preservative-free, Methylcobalamin B-12 shot at Boulder Body Balance Acupuncture anytime you are feeling like you need one!

Heres what an outside source (Preventive Medicine) has to say about B-12 injections:

“Low energy and fatigue are often due to low levels of B12 and can be easily confirmed by a simple blood test. Although the amount of B12 people require is quite small, many do not absorb their food well enough to attain optimal levels of B12. Even a small insufficiency can cause decreased energy levels and fatigue; a larger deficiency can affect heart health, by elevating homocysteine levels or contribute to neuropathies. Certain medicines such as Metformin (for diabetics) or proton-pump inhibitors (acid-blockers) for reflux can also lower B12 levels.

A B12 injection is quick and easy to administer and can dramatically help patients who are trying to regain their health, or complement their existing wellness program.”

Have any other questions? Just call or text and Dr. Elif Kuzu will be happy to answer them for you.

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