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Tips to Boost the Immune System

I am sure by now everyone has heard the importance of washing your hands so I will not be going over this, as this is a given for any illness. However, the most important things you can do during a pandemic is, eat properly, get a good night of sleep, and some good humor will go a long way. PLEASE, DON’T STRESS. STRESS IS THE WORST POSSIBLE THING FOR YOUR BODY. STRESS WILL LOWER YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. PLEASE PRACTICE SELF CARE, ACUPUNCTURE, ACUPRESSURE, AND IMMUNE BOOSTERS. You do not have to come into the clinic, we will provide some acupressure points for you to practice at home to help manage stress. The location of these acupressure points can be found online. Just search for each acupressure point location and image. If you need help feel free to contact us anytime.

Ok, now we are done with the easy part, so let’s get these tips as part of your self-care!

Food is medicine! What foods are best for your body during these times? We will get to that in a minute. Although we all should try eating as healthy as we can on a regular basis, it’s not realistic for most of us. We make purchases based on convenience and we end up buying processed foods. The trouble with processed foods is they do not provide you with the nutrients that your body needs. As we approach the warm spring season, this is a good time to invest in a few plants in your home. Alternatively, take advantage of your backyard to plant some vegetables, spices, and herbs. Not only are you helping yourself, but you are also helping a cascade of insects, animals, your neighbors and you’re not relying on the supermarkets. We encourage learning about the earth you live in.

Here are some foods that will help boost the immune system and help fight off viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast, microbes and other excessive invaders that our bodies can’t handle.

*Fresh ginger tea in the morning or throughout the day. Ginger is often used in Chinese Herbal formulas for treating the common cold, flu, chest infection, asthma and is known to help activate the body's immune system.

*Fresh garlic, one clove a day helps kill any unwanted bacteria and viruses. Please be aware that raw garlic can also decrease blood pressure.

*Fresh rosemary or rosemary essential oil contains oleanolic acid, which has anti-viral properties. A study published in the journal Cough found that cineole can help to break up mucus and reduce inflammation.

*Peppermint helps to cool the body and aids in digestion. A 2013 study suggests that when a healthy person uses peppermint oil, it can help to relax the muscles of the windpipe, known as the bronchial muscles. This may explain why the oil can ease breathing in people with coughs.

*Oregano oil is one of my favorite hidden gems that is used for practically any illness. If you are feeling like you might be getting sick use oregano oil and apply it to the bottom of your feet every two hours until you are feeling better.

*Thyme essential oil contains carvacrol and can help fight off viruses and bacteria. Authors of a 2014 study found that carvacrol is a helpful antimicrobial agent that can fight off many types of germs.

*Cinnamon twig aka Gui Zhi in pinyin of Chinese herbal medicine helps to release the body of pathogens by sweating. Sweating is one of the most important functions your body does naturally when it gets sick.  If for some reason this process does not occur, you can use cinnamon to help facilitate this action. It also promotes blood to circulate and help with urination. This spice also helps to protect the immune system thus helping the respiratory system.

*Tea tree oil aka Melaleuca another favorite of mine can inhibit the growth of bad bacteria that cause sinus infections, headaches, and respiratory issues. You can crush the leaves of tea tree and inhale it to treat cold and cough. You can also diffuse the oil itself.

*During these time soups, broths, cooked veggies are your best friends! These are all light on the digestive system.

*Processed, raw, cold, damp, and sticky foods such as (include examples of food here) are your enemy. Your body can’t digest these foods which cause sluggish movement and create a living environment for virus and bacteria. Please watch this short video explaining the basics of Chinese nutrition.

*Who loves mushrooms? Mushrooms are a great immune booster and I highly recommend having a little a day especially if you are not able to get out in the sun. As most of you know mushrooms are a great source of Vitamin D.


-Turkey Tail




-Lion s Mane



Acupuncture/Acupressure points/ Qi Gong Exercise

*Simply massage some special acupuncture points (see appendix) around wrist and knees to help boost energy, immune system and getting rid of cold and dampness toxins from the body.

Appendix: Massage points

LI 4 Hegu

TE4 Yangchi

SI 3 Houxi

LR 8 Ququan

ST36 Zusanli

SP 9 Yinlingquan

GB34 Yanglingquan

LR 3 Taichong

*Here's a short Youtube Video to help boost your Lung energy as we know this COVID-19 affects the Lung Channel the most.

We want all of our clients and patients to know we are here if you need any tips, any medications, or anything at all. We are offering Telemedicine via phone consults and Zoom meeting 40-minute sessions. You can visit our sister website to book this appointment today.  Website:

We are also taking every precaution to make sure we clean the entire clinic and this is why we require our patients to take their shoes off once entering the clinic to keep it sanitary. We are also making sure anyone who presents with symptoms to not come to their appointments and to see your Primary Care Physician. In the interim, we can make accommodations via telemedicine.

***Within next week: We will have our own hand sanitizer with anti-viral properties and immune booster care packages available. We are extremely excited to bring this amazing combination to our patients.  Everyone be balanced!

Sending Love from Boulder Body Balance Acupuncture & Heavenly Massage.

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