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Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizers

Our Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizers kill germs and help with sticky surface cleanups. With an added bonus of oregano oil to help keep viruses away. This product is “Handmade” here in beautiful Boulder, CO.


Our ImmuneBoost helps to fight off illness and increase the strength of the immune system. Your immune system guards your body from germs, viruses, and other threats. Factors such as stress from weight loss and dieting, as well as excess weight, can take its toll on your immune system making you more vulnerable to colds and flu. Keep your immune system in fighting shape with this combination of essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs which have been shown to directly boost immune system function and promote good health.

Lip Balms

Our different flavors of Lip Balms keep lips moist for hours, no need to reapply as this product is made with amazing oils to make sure your lips never get dry. Flavors: Peppermint, Vanilla, Cherry, Herbal Mint, Original, and Bluerasberry.

Products of Trucolors

Trucolors offer many different types of health care products to help give you the best non-toxic, handmade, with a purpose product. Follow us and like our page on Instagram trucolors.hcp and on Facebook @TRUcolors to get the latest deals!

100% Pure Essential Oils

Our 100% Pure Essential Oils are a great gift for your loved ones. One can dilute these oils with a carrier oil to maximize the longevity of the product. Customer favorites are our “Respiratory Blend”. This essential oil blend may help with any respiratory condition and breathing problems. Shop to see which oils best fit you and/or your loved ones.


How To Dilute Essential Oils

  • Pick your preferred carrier oil. We like to use sesame oil in the winter because this oil is warming in nature and during the summer we like to use coconut oil because it is cooling in nature.
  • Then use less than one drop of the essential oil and mix with the carrier oil. The amount of carrier oil depends on the person and the purpose of use.
  • Apply on desired areas of the body. Please avoid any opeings of the body such as eyes, inside of the nose, mouth, and reproductive areas. Also avoid using essential oils on cuts or open sores unless directed by your physician.
  • For example we recommend using oregano oil only with a carrier oil mix or put a drop under the feet. This essential oil is extremely strong and effective so please do not use it internally unless directed by your practitioner.