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Hey insomniac need help? Acupuncture is here.

Insomnia a very common condition Doctors see in patients today. This article you see below will give the breakdown on how holistic approach can show promising results. Acupuncture was used on patients suffering from insomnia and psychological health. After using specific acupuncture points, where each treatment session lasted 30 minutes. All participants had 3 acupuncture treatments per week for 4 weeks, for a grand total of 12 acupuncture sessions per participant. All patients rested in a supine position and wore eye masks to enhance therapeutic isolation from the environment.

Researchers concluded specifically, acupuncture improves sleep efficiency, total sleep time, and alleviates overall insomnia severity. Researchers also conclude based on data, “Acupuncture treatment is more effective than sham acupuncture treatment in increasing insomnia patients’ sleep quality and improving their psychological health.” (Yin, 2017)

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